nothing obvious could possibly be important


Claire Jon Sadeghzadeh

Program Evaluator & Manager for UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Rick and I met in 2011 when he hired me as the Director of Outreach for Juanele, an online, bilingual arts and culture blog with a focus on Buenos Aires, Argentina.


As a mentor, Rick generously provides his time to offer constructive feedback (especially on written work) and actively listens to collaboratively identify solutions to challenges.


Together, we developed a guided art tour that successfully engaged hundreds of locals and tourists. Rick is a talented, natural storyteller, and his attention to detail, love of art and design, and warm personality captivated participants.


Sometimes I think people attended just to hang out with him for a few hours.


In addition to being a stellar human being, he is an expert writer and website developer who consistently completes tasks and projects in a complete and timely manner.

Vina Rathbone Falvey

Found, Devour Buenos Aires

I’ve always admired Rick Powell for his many creative talents. He is a skilled writer and captivating storyteller.


As a long time reader of his, I also appreciate his photography skills, which bring additional depth and insight into his stories, reviews, and essays. Rick is extremely creative and this creativity shows itself throughout many mediums.

Rick is very entrepreneurial and tech forward. He is a skilled digital native who can spin up quality, appealing sites. His design aesthetics speak for themselves - which shouldn’t be surprising given his depth of knowledge about the arts.


He has created, operated, and successfully exited a business in the tourism industry, and I look forward to what his next projects will be.


Rick is a good friend, a great writer, and a skilled creator.


I enjoy working with him.